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The first thing my clients will tell you: I am not a commercial florist, I don't own a flower shop, and I don't do cash-and-carry sales. In fact, working long hours every day putting together identical flower arrangements in an assembly line would never interest me, just as I know it would never interest you to purchase assembly line arrangements for your wedding or special event. What I'd much rather do, and what I've been doing since 1997, is look at your event as a canvas, and create for you the perfect works of art to adorn it properly, according to your own unique tastes and vision. 

You might be thinking, "Hiring a 'floral artist' sounds expensive", but the next thing my clients will tell you is how affordable my services are. Since I work in my own private studio, I can provide custom floral art at a far more reasonable cost than you'll find at a traditional flower shop. With the wedding industry booming, and most couples spending an average of $20,000 on their big day, maintaining a reasonable budget is quickly becoming an important part of the planning process.

I received my initial design certification from the Floral Design Institute in Seattle, and later received the title of Texas Master Florist from the Texas State Florists' Association and Texas A&M's highly acclaimed Benz School of Floral Design. I have a genuine love for creating beautiful art in this medium.

Please browse my Galleries for a sampling of past weddings and projects, and contact me if you'd like to schedule a consultation or place an order for a custom arrangement. It would be my pleasure to bring your vision to life.

Rebecca Frazier-Smith, TMF

Please Note: Orders for flower arrangements, whether to be delivered or picked up, must be submitted in advance. Bespoke artwork needs a day or two to gather materials and create. Very rarely am I able to offer same-day service, so please keep this in mind. Your reward for planning ahead is customized perfection!

"Let the beauty we love be what we do."  


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