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a little Halloween humor 31OCT2014

I designed this art piece for a Halloween office party at the University of Texas Press with a bit of publishing humor in mind.

I used a large apothecary jar, and inverted the lid to hold the floral arrangement on top.  Inside the jar, I created a miniature cemetery scene, with little dead trees, sand, gravel, bushes, and a gravestone in the center.

I enjoyed making this piece very much!  The gang at UT Press has a great sense of humor.   :-)


"Let the beauty we love be what we do."  -Rumi

Mari & Erin, 18OCT2014

What a gorgeous day out at Springdale Farms!  Beautiful sunshine, beautiful smiling people, beautiful brides.  I was so thrilled to be asked to design custom bouquets for these two sweet and lovely people.

Visit Springdale Farms here

and Will Hollis Photography here.

More photographs of Mari & Erin's wedding can be found HERE!

Rebecca Frazier-Smith, TMF

"Let the beauty we love be what we do."   -Rumi