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Large Easel Spray

All pieces are customized to budget, delivered, and set up.

Specialty tribute design for a lifelong locksmith, in the style of a Masterlock padlock.

Flanking Altar Sprays (in "breakaway" formation)

Here we used bright wildflowers to pick up the wonderful colors in the altar. Each spray was made up of three smaller vases, which were then used after the memorial on individual tables at the reception.

Garden Easel Spray (for an avid gardener)

A beautifully wild look was achieved by using blooming vines and branches amongst the colorful garden flowers like giant peonies, tall delphinium, and large garden roses.

Large Altar Spray

This piece stood 28" tall and was 30" wide. We elevated it for best viewing.

Full suite of styles

Family members coordinated together on this and ordered a variety of styles for the memorial: flanking basket sprays for the podium, a tall spray for the base of the photo easel, an easel wreath, and a vase of matching flowers for the sign-in book table.

Tall garden spray

The family wanted to display their loved one's ashes box with the flowers on the altar - the overall design of the altar was so lovely.

Custom Memorial Design

You can honor that especially unique someone with unique memorial art.

Variety of sympathy gifts with custom cards

Bespoke floral art tells your loved one you put some thought into your gift!

Sympathy Designs

I offer a wide range of sympathy designs to suit all budgets and tastes. A selection of the most popular choices are shown below. Please contact me for more information on custom options.

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